I am no longer accepting orders for custom products, except for Order of Defense gorgets, and will only be selling the items posted on the web site. I am doing this in order to increase the variety of products I am able to offer and to better control my production time. To order an item from the "In Stock" page simply  send an email to thatguysproducts@gmail.com and let me know which item you want and your shipping address. I will then get back to you with the link to my payment page

I will also continue supplying gorgets to Darkwood Armory.

Mask construction is now being handled by Edwin Gilbert using the patterns that I developed. Here is the link to that portion of his web site:

Thanks much,
"That Guy" Terry T.



Sparring gear is intended to reduce the risk and severity of accidental injury to protected areas during supervised, no contact or light contact sparring. It is for sparring only and not for other more intense uses. (e.g., full contact sparring, weapons training, other sports activities or uses, etc.). It is only for use under the supervision of a skilled instructor who responsibly monitors techniques and intensity of sparring and assures that students are properly trained and physically conditioned. All sparring participants should wear full sets of equipment and not use old, modified, damaged or improperly fitted equipment.