Standard Mask

Advanced orders for masks are no longer being taken. Masks are being sold from the web site only on the In Stock Items page.

These masks are made from 18 ga. 304 stainless steel. The perforations are .125" (1/8") in a staggered pattern with a 3/16" offset which leaves 40% of the surface open. The pieces are hand riveted together using 1/8" 18-8 stainless steel rivets (that ought to satisfy the geekier of you).

Currently I am offering one model of mask with a couple of variables. This has a perf steel "body" with two different chin designs (pointed or squared) and two different brow plates (large and medium). I also offer a mask made entirely of perf steel. It is based on the medium brow plate design. I have posted pictures of the variations below.

pointed chin, large brow plate
square chin, medium brow plate
square chin, large brow plate
all perf mask based on medium brow design

The chin variations are stylistic and I haven't noticed any advantage to one or the other. There are differences with the brow plates. The large plate adds a bit more rigidity to the mask but also decreases the field of vision while the medium plate gives a slightly better field of vision and a little more flex.

Mask Shells

Priced at $250.00

Mask Shell

The mask shell consists of the basic metal mask shell with no leather trim, no bib and no suspension.
Leather trim and brigandine bib can be added for an additional $100.00
 A standard suspension can be added for $25.00 or a complex suspension for $50.00
 A paper pattern for the standard bib is available with the order upon request.





Leather edging and bib can be added to the shell for an additional $100.00. The bib consists of two layers of 2-3 oz. chrome tanned leather with 20 ga. stainless steel fender washers riveted between. The folllowing colors of leather are available on a regular basis
Dark Blue
Dark Green
Medium brown
Dark Brown
Other colors may be available, email me for my current on hand supply.

Mask with Leather Trim


Masks are available with a basic suspension system. This consists of an adjustable inverted "T" strap across the brow and similar one across the back of the head. There is also a "stabilizing" strap across the neck (similar to the elastic strap on a standard fencing mask). Padding is necessary and the mask will come with 1/2" of foam padding in the top of the mask. Additional
padding will probably be desirable/necessary and is left to the purchaser to do.

Basic Suspension

A more elaborate suspension system which should require less padding (see below). This is an additional $50.00.

here is to a .pdf document (453 KB) providing a quick tutorial on adjusting the elaborate suspension.

Mask Back:

Protection for the back of the head is also available in two versions. One is made from 8-9 oz. Oak tanned hand stitched leather and is an additional $50.00.
These may also be ordered as a "stand alone" item.

A Perforated steel head back,  made from the same steel as the mask, with a slot and "J" tab hinge and metal stops is available for an additional $100.00.
These may also be ordered as a stand alone item.


 For information on determining measuring to fit the mask follow this link:
  Measuring and Ordering